[vtkusers] Help using vtkOpenglTexture with OpenGl

Yiasemis yiasemism at cytanet.com.cy
Tue Dec 4 03:53:16 EST 2007



I am trying to use some dicom images I read with VTK into some OpenGl code I
write so I can implement some pixel shading on them.

1) How can I use the glBindTexture with an object of type vtkOpenGl ?

I tried something with  a method ResampleToPowerOfTwo in vtkOpenGLTexture
but looks like is not the case. 

Or at least I cant figure whats the *dptr part of

unsigned char* vtkOpenGLTexture::ResampleToPowerOfTwo (  int &  xsize, int &
ysize, unsigned char *  dptr, int  bpp )  [protected]


Thanks a lot :)


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