[vtkusers] problem with a window response

Sergi Dote sergidt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 04:57:48 EST 2007

in first point, excuse my english, I don't have a good english.

I want to expose our problem:

We are developing a medical application on linux. This application works
with very big data (medical volumes). We store this data in
VtkImageTypePointer format. I must to say that we works with a medical
screens, whose has a high resolution and a big size.

Our application has a 2D viewer. When open some volume, always runs
correctly, but if we continue open a 2D viewers, there is a moment that the
vtkImageViewer2 class that we use to do the visualization in a 2D viewer,
has a very slow response. Then, if minimize the application window, this
response like we deside, this is  very fast like ever. We think is possible
that don't have enough memory, but we works with 4GB of memory RAM and we
test the use of memory and not works at maximum, I wat to say that we think
that is not a problem of memory. Another explanation, when we have a 2D
viewer that runs slow, if alternate to a previous viewer, this runs
Do you can help us please?
Thank you very much. *

.: Sergi Dote Teixidor :.
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