[vtkusers] Migrating from VTK 4.2 to VTK 5

Hämäläinen Janne Janne.Hamalainen at hus.fi
Thu Jun 29 07:50:40 EDT 2006


I apologize in advance for asking a question which must have been answered before, but I didn't find any satisfactory answer to this one. We're planning to finally move from using VTK 4.2 in our image processing software package to using the the new VTK 5. I've tested things, and it seems that backwards compatibility is quite nice (after you change all the floats to doubles) for standard VTK classes, but the new pipeline causes confusion when trying to compile the home-made vtk classes with the new VTK version. So, to keep things short, my question is if there are available good documentation on how the new pipeline works and possibly instructions on how to change your self-made filters to work in the new vtk? Any help or possibly a reference to earlier discussion (its been a while since I've followed this mailing list...) would be appreciated.

Yours, Janne Hämäläinen

Janne Hämäläinen
HUS, Helsinki Medical Imaging Center
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