[vtkusers] SetWindowId in Linux

Scott Brue scott at compass.com
Wed Jun 28 15:51:42 EDT 2006


I wrote a program using VTK to create some 3D renderings of medical 
data.  The program works fine, but now I would like it to interface with 
another non-VTK program I have.  In the non-VTK program, I create a 
window, and would like my VTK program to use this window for its 
output.  I am able to get the ID of the window I create, but when I send 
that ID into my render window via renWin->SetWindowId((void *) 
window_id), it still creates a new window, instead of using the one I 
created.  I have done what other messages said, and made sure to set 
this value before a Render() is invoked.  I am using Linux, and the 
other program is a C program.  I am using VTK with C++. 

Any help would be appreciated!


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