[vtkusers] file extension question

Kush Tandon kush at coas.oregonstate.edu
Tue Jun 27 17:20:33 EDT 2006


I made a simple ASCII file for Paraview using the guidelines from the  
file formats for VTK Version 4.2. The example is for unstructured grid.

QUESTION: I have used the rules from Page 1 to 11 from file- 
formats.pdf. It is not a XML file but a simple ASCII file. Should my  
extension be: a) .vtk or b) .vtu or c) .pvd?

I do have ParaView version on Windows and will try to reinstall OS X  
next week. About weeks ago, I tried installing ParaView on OS X  
without success. I will let the group know once I succeed.

Right now, I made a tutorial example.

My goal soon would be to make file to use for vector data on  
tetrahedron grid (unstructured grid) for a time-varying data.  
Initially, I would stick to ASCII but later move to XML and binary.  
If somebody has insights, and example files please do share.



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