[vtkusers] Starting vtk.exe with a link on Windows

Roger Blum roger_blum at swissonline.ch
Mon Jun 26 19:41:06 EDT 2006

Hi all,

If I start vtk.exe (version 5.0) with a tcl script from a Windows link I get 
a blank (black) console like window that stays open where the output from 
Tcl is written to (e.g puts "Some info") . I don't get this window if I 
start wish.exe with the same tcl script.

The reason why I don't just use wish.exe is, that the binary distribution of 
vtk doesn't contain the dynamic libraries. So I cannot use load vtk with

package require vtk

Who can explain the different behavior of wish.exe and vtk.exe. How can I 
hide this unwanted/unneeded window?
Do I have to build vtk myself to have the dynamic libraries or can I 
download somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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