[vtkusers] Newbie: building VTK on OSX

Greg St. George gstgeorge at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 14:18:41 EDT 2006


Just wanted to issue a follow-up to my earlier post, mostly to thank Mike,
Kevin and Glen for their replies which allowed me to build VTK with
wrappings to Python 2.4.  A few details follow, but I did want to apologize
for not responding sooner.  Other urgent business called me away, and I did
not want to re-post until I had followed all the suggestions as far as I

The solution in my case turned out to be simple.  I had turned the X11
switch ON, not realizing that adding functionality I did not really need was
a big mistake.  On other lists I had become aware that building packages
against X11 can be problematical, and eventually this began to sink in.
Kevin asked if  glx.h was among the headers on my system, and indeed it is
not present in the OpenGL framework,  which led me back to my bad choice.
To answer Glen's questions, the quoted lines were indeed present in
CMakeCache.txt, but I did not know anything about cvs, which sent me to
reading the man pages.  Lots to learn there.  I did indeed build the .gz
version 5.0 from the vtk website, but I will avoid that in the future.

Anyway your concern got me past the first hurdle, and now we get at least to

With sincere appreciation.

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