[vtkusers] vtkContourGrid problems

Aaron Cois aaron_vtk at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 15:24:42 EDT 2006

I'm trying to use a vtkContourGrid to calculate the contour of a vtkUnstructuredGrid for surface visualization.  I have been able to visualize my grid as a point cloud using a standard mapper/actor setup, so I know there is correct data in the grid.  However, when I try to pass it into my vtkContourGrid, I get an error indicating that there is "No data to contour".  My code basically looks like this:

vtkPoints *points = vtkPoints::New();    points->Allocate(m_InSegmentImage->GetRequestedRegion().GetSize()[0]*m_InSegmentImage->GetRequestedRegion().GetSize()[1]*m_InSegmentImage->GetRequestedRegion().GetSize()[2]);

vtkUnstructuredGrid * grid = vtkUnstructuredGrid::New();

// ** Loop to insert points into vtkPoints

    unsigned int  isoLevel = 64;
    vtkContourGrid * contour;
    vtkSmoothPolyDataFilter * smoother;
    vtkPolyDataNormals * norms;
    vtkStripper * strip;
    vtkPolyDataMapper * contourMapper;

    contour = vtkContourGrid::New();

    contour->SetValue(0, isoLevel);

I've searched the archives and found one instance of this exact question being asked, but no responses to it.  Can anyone help?

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