[vtkusers] writing EnSight files - Error: No BlockID was found

Martin Baumann mailsgetlost at web.de
Fri Jun 16 08:06:19 EDT 2006


I am trying to save EnSight data files with the following code:

  string in_file  = "test.asc";
  string out_file = "ensight.ens";

  /// **********************************************/
  /// read Legacy-Format variables/
  /// **********************************************/

  vtkUnstructuredGridReader* _reader = vtkUnstructuredGridReader::New();

  /// **********************************************/
  /// write EnSight/
  /// **********************************************/

  vtkEnSightWriter* _ens_writer = vtkEnSightWriter::New();


When I run this I get the error
  No BlockID was found
for some some hundred times.

Still threee files are created:

- I tried to find out what the error means. What are BlockIDs used for?
- Is there any information on writing EnSight files with vtk?
- In the example file (test.asc) there are contained three scalars: u_x, 
u_y and u_z.
Only one (u_x) is written to an EnSight data file. I need to export all 
of the
scalars and vectors if there are any in the input file. How can I do this?

Regards, M.B.
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