[vtkusers] Charting Tool in Fox?

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Thu Jun 15 08:16:44 EDT 2006

Hi Jean-Do,

I think you may have posted this e-mail to the wrong mailing list. This 
is the mailing list for VTK (Visualization Toolkit), not Fox Toolkit, 
and I don't see anything about VTK in your post.

- Amy

Jean-Dominique Barnichon wrote:
> Dear all,
> as far as I understand from the mailing list, there are few people out 
> there who are looking for an easy way to draw 2D charts under Fox.
> The obvious way should be to use the FXChart base widget that can be 
> found under the /chart directory of the Fox installation directory.
> But from the mailing list threads, it seems that the FXChart is not 
> working yet (Jeroen, could you give up to date information on FXChart, 
> and when we could expect it to be working?). Am I wrong or right? Did 
> anybody succeed in using it? If yes, I would very much appreciate to 
> have a code snippet showing how to use it.
> The point is that Fox is really lacking a 2D charting widget.
> Actually, there is an existing one called FXPlot 
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/fxplot) that is working and very easy 
> to use with Fox. The trouble with FXPlot is that interaction is rather 
> limited, e.g. you cannot select objects on the chart.
> There is also a C++lib called PPlot (http://pplot.sourceforge.net/) 
> that seems rather cool, with most interaction and stuff you would 
> expect. Interestingly, this lib claims to be highly portable (for 
> example it has been ported to wxWindows, Ruby, Python, Qt). 
> Apparently, all the job would consist on implementing an abstract 
> class (Painter, see basic class definition below) to link the PPlot 
> library with a Fox widget. I have the feeling this should not be that 
> much work, but I am not really sure on how to do this and where to 
> start. Any idea/advice/help is welcomed.
> Cheers,
> Jean-Do
> class Painter {
> public:
> // basic
> virtual void DrawLine (int inX1, int inY1, int inX2, int inY2)=0;
> virtual void FillRect (int inX, int inY, int inW, int inH)=0;
> virtual void SetClipRect (int inX, int inY, int inW, int inH)=0;
> // widget geometry
> virtual long GetWidth () const=0;
> virtual long GetHeight () const=0;
> // color
> virtual void SetLineColor (int inR, int inG, int inB)=0;
> virtual void SetFillColor (int inR, int inG, int inB)=0;
> //text
> virtual long CalculateTextDrawSize (const char *inString)=0;
> virtual long GetFontHeight () const =0;
> virtual void DrawText (int inX, int inY, const char *inString)=0;
> virtual void DrawRotatedText (int inX, int inY, float inDegrees, const 
> char *inString)=0;
> };
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