[vtkusers] QT + VTK

Michael Rice marice at knology.net
Mon Jun 12 18:46:02 EDT 2006

The QTVTKWidget class in VTK 5 is very good. It also provides a Qt  
Designer plug-in. I've been using it on Windows, Linux, and Mac with  
Qt 4. It also supports Qt 3, but I have only used it with Qt 4. There  
are examples in the Examples/GUI/Qt subdirectories.

If you are using VTK 4, the vtkQt package (Matthias Koenig) works  
with Qt 3. I don't know if it supports Qt 4.


On Jun 12, 2006, at 4:05 PM, Peter J. Bismuti wrote:

> What is the preferred way of using QT to provde the GUI for  
> graphics generated
> with VTK?  Is there a trend of QT replacing TCL as the GUI-of- 
> choice?  I
> thought I read something that indicated future release of Paraview  
> were going
> to use QT instead of TCL, but I can't seem to find the reference.
> Thanks
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