[vtkusers] Bug in XML Image IO?

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohiou.edu
Thu Jun 8 14:56:16 EDT 2006

The attached code demonstrates what might be a bug in the XML Image IO.
Please pardon the use of GSL, I just needed a quick and dirty way to
make a big image full of junk. That part probably isn't important, but I
don't know.

The program writes out a big file full of random shorts, stream converts
it to an XML image file, then stream converts that to another XML image
file. It is the last step that fails.

When I call the program with image size and the number of pieces I used
in my real work I get the errors below which are the same as the ones I
get in my real work.

[kevin at gargon huge_streamed_test]$ ./huge_streamed_test 1265 910 875 256
Now we have a big raw image.
Now we have a big VTI image.
ERROR: In /home/kevin/kitware/VTK/IO/vtkXMLStructuredDataReader.cxx,
line 314
vtkXMLImageDataReader (0x51e4e0): Error reading extent 158 158 0 113 218
218 from piece 0

ERROR: In /home/kevin/kitware/VTK/IO/vtkXMLDataReader.cxx, line 481
vtkXMLImageDataReader (0x51e4e0): Cannot read point data array
"ImageFile" from PointData in piece 0.  The data array in the element
may be too short.

These errors repeat for other pieces, and then a segfault.
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