[vtkusers] OSX VTK universal binary development bug - vote for it if you want! bugid=3059

Dan White dan at chalkie.org.uk
Thu Jun 8 12:30:46 EDT 2006

Hi VTKers,

If you are keen to resolve the problems outlines in VTK bug 3059

which currently prevent OSX universal builds of VTK from working  
properly then vote for the bug at

This problem causes VTK to assume that the target (execution/running)  
platform is the same as the platform used to build the binary  
executable code.
This is not the case for a universal binary running on a G4 or G5 PPC  
that was built on an intel mac.
At least it something like that...I'm sure others can correct me on  
the details.

This problem is not restricted just to OSX,
it might cause problems in some cross compilations(?)
and when 64 bit chips become common this problem will also get worse.

Quite a big fix, but a needed one.

I am willing to go through the code and look for places where
it is assumed that target platform is the same as the build platform,
if someone can give me a few hints on what to look for,
and i will try to  make a list of code that is offending.

Sean has already outlined ways to fix these problems in the bug report,
hopefully I can work with him to get going on this...



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