[vtkusers] Re: Make VTK OSX universal binaries with CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES ppc;i386

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Wed Jun 7 13:30:43 EDT 2006

On 2006-06-07 20:12, Dan White said:

>...so it looks like all one needs to do to make a universal OSX build  
>of vTK is have the universal developer tools from apple installed,
>then configure in ccmake . using
>CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES          ppc;i386

You should also set:


>and lo and behold universal versions containing i386 and ppc code of  
>the unix executables AND OS X .dylib
>shared libraries are built!

Yup!  But in vtk's case they won't run properly! :(  For details, see
bug 3059:

>All the lipo stuff does in fact happen automagically and i wont have  
>to bother doing it manually as i feared...

Yes.  The cmake guys added these features pretty recently and they seem
to work splendidly!

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