[vtkusers] The difference between GetOutputPort and GetOutput?

Bo Shi chinaren.vtk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 01:46:01 EDT 2006


    I also don't know the difference between SetInputConnection and
SetInput?? Who can tell me the proxy object meaning in VTK?  Thanks a lot!
Any idea is appreciated!


vtkAlgorithmOutput <file:///H:/home/wlz/html/classvtkAlgorithmOutput.html>*
vtkAlgorithm::GetOutputPort (  int  *index*  )

Get a proxy object corresponding to the given output port of this algorithm.
The proxy object can be passed to another algorithm's
and RemoveInputConnection()<file:///H:/home/wlz/html/classvtkAlgorithm.html#c986999efbd0bb66698237a0613bd3a4>methods
to modify pipeline connectivity.
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