[vtkusers] Superimposing images

Diego R. Medaglia diegomedaglia at terra.com.br
Tue Jun 6 22:04:11 EDT 2006

Hi everybody!
    I'm trying to superimpose two images, with the original in the background and the other being the result of a segmentation done with ITK on the original one.
    As it is a segmentation, there's lots of black pixels, that will hide the image behind it (the original one). I'm trying to do the whole thing by defining an actor out of each image and adding them to the same renderer, and then setting the color and opacity of the result image(the actor) so that i'm still able to see the original one behind it, but without any success. 
    Is there any way of NOT SHOWING the completely dark pixels i.e. setting the opacity of color (0,0,0) to 0? That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?
    Any other ways of getting around this situation is also welcome.

    Thank you all, 

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