[vtkusers] vtkClipPolyData results

Geoff Smith exine at gmx.net
Sun Jun 4 17:44:15 EDT 2006


What is the resulting structure of vtkClipPolyData? It says that: "returning everything inside of the specified implicit function (or greater than the scalar value) including "pieces" of a cell"... how are the pieces represented? Is a cell which is on the border split into smaller triangles. The reason I ask is that I'm running a vtkLinearSubdivisionFilter on the results and it crashes. (vtk 4.2)

I've tracked the error down to vtkLinearSubdivisionFilter::GenerateSubdivisionPoints() which at one point creates a new point id of -842150451. I'm not sure about why this is happening though it is probably either because it thinks that the point is already on an edge and can't find it or something is going wrong with the interpolation. Maybe the structure of the vtkClipPolyData is not suitable for some reason.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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