[vtkusers] How can I build the vtk library with debug and release mode and the .dll and .lib filename is different?

Thomas Lambertz thomas at hexerei-software.de
Fri Jun 2 08:31:06 EDT 2006


considered using different directories (as they are the default). So the 
only thing to change is the "Additional Directories" Entry in your 
project properties of your own project/solution.


Bo Shi wrote:
> When I use vtk 5.0 I want to build my RELEASE programme with the 
> RELEASE vtk5.0 library and DEBUG programme with the DEBUG vtk5.0 
> library respectively and automatically. In order to achieve this goal 
> I want to build vtk5.0 library's DEBUG and RELEASE mode and get the 
> dll and lib file with different name, for example, vtkcommon.dll  
> vtkcommon.lib for RELEASE mode and vtkcommonD.dll vtkcommonD.lib for 
> DEBUG mode. Any idea is appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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