[vtkusers] Re: deleting cells interactively from an unstructured grid

Goodwin Lawlor goodwin.lawlor at ucd.ie
Thu Jun 1 12:19:10 EDT 2006

kshivann at engineering.uiowa.edu wrote:
> hi all,
>    i want to delete a cell in the unstructured grid interactively. 
> solution available in the VTK mailing list is to maintain a seperate 
> vtkList and copy the updated vtkList to the new unstructured grid being 
> created. Is this the best possible solution and can i use the function 
> RemoveReferenceToCell().
> thanks
> kiran

Hi Kiran,

For an unstructured grid you could try vtkExtractCells with a vtkIdList.

The problem with interactive removal is as you remove cells the cell ids 
are remapped to fill in the gaps in the cell id list. So the cell id you 
get from the renderer's picker is not the cell id you want to remove. 
You could have a look at how vtkRemoveCellsFilter 
takes care of this.



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