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Lazzarato Dr. Gianni lazzadrgi at libero.it
Mon Jul 31 16:42:19 EDT 2006

Hi vtkusers,


                 is it possibile to make a filter with 2 different type data
outputs ports ( 1 imagedata and 1 polydata)?



I  have a filter inherited from vtkImageAlgorithm 



In the constructor:




  vtkPolyData *output2 = vtkPolyData::New();

  this->GetExecutive()->SetOutputData(1, output2);




I overload FillOutputPortInformation default metod as follow:



int vtkMYfilter::FillOutputPortInformation(int port, vtkInformation *info)


//imposto il tipo dato in Output sulle porte uscita p.s notare che la
sintassi per la

// definizione del tipo dato è diversa da FillInputPortInformation


  if (port == 0)


            info->Set(vtkDataObject::DATA_TYPE_NAME(), "vtkImageData");

            return 1;


  else if (port == 1)


            info->Set(vtkDataObject::DATA_TYPE_NAME(), "vtkPolyData");

            return 1;


  return 0;




And using the metod:



vtkPolyData * vtkMYfilter::GetMyPolyData()



  if (this->GetNumberOfOutputPorts() < 2)


    return NULL;


            // ritorna il polydata probe in porta 1

            return vtkPolyData::SafeDownCast(





I try to use this added port using: 


        vtkPolyData* pd = vtkPolyData::New();


                        pd = vtkMYfilterinstance->GetOutput(1);  


I expect to obtain a polydata from ->GetOutput(1);  but I obtain a compiler
type check error


What is wrong?

I searched for a vtk class example with 2 different output type data to
follow, but I did not discover any..

Thank you all in advance for all your suggestions


















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