[vtkusers] Re: vtk Ruby CMake error

Seiya Nishizawa seiya at kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Jul 31 01:58:40 EDT 2006

Dear Chase,

Chase Yarbrough wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build VTK with ruby wrappings.  I downloaded the source 
> tarball from http://www.gfd-dennou.org/arch/ruby/products/ruby-vtk/, 
> untarred it and tried to CMake it with wrap_ruby and 
> build_with_shared_libs ON, but get the following CMake error:
> Error in CMake code at
> C:/vtk ruby/VTK/wrapping/Tcl/vtkDetermineTkResources.cmake:4:
> Unknown CMake command "VTK_GET_TCL_TK_VERSON"
> Note that I have wrap_tcl set to OFF.  Any ideas what is going on?
It seems a bug of the VTK.
The error occurs with python but tcl in original vtk
See the thread started from 

To avoid it, you can
1. insert "INCLUDE(${VTK_SOURCE_DIR}/CMake/vtkTclTkMacros.cmake)" to 
vtkDetermineTkResources.cmake, as they said,
2. set "VTK_USE_TK" OFF. You can find "VTK_USE_TK" as "Advanced Value" 
after you once fail to configure and see the error message and check 
"Show Advanved Values".

> Also, I'm not sure exactly what I should be setting RUBY_INCLUDE_PATH 
> and RUBY_LIBRARY to.
As you can see in "/Program 
it assume that ruby.h is at /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i386-linux and 
libruby1.8.so at /usr/lib.
It can be true, but sometimes false especially in Windows.
So you have to tell the VTK where they are.


Seiya Nishizawa

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