[vtkusers] how to debug vtkMarchingCubes crashing for a specific volume (under Python)?

Audette, Michel Michel.Audette at medizin.uni-leipzig.de
Wed Jul 26 12:20:55 EDT 2006

Hi everyone, 

I am using vtkMarchingCubes from release 4.4 (because vtkDecimate is not included in 5.*, and it alone preserves topology robustly). I am finding that trying to run vtkMarchingCubes on certain volumes causes it to crash. I originally had a fairly large volume, .7mm resolution, 304x512x512, but have cropped it since, and it is no larger than another volume for which vtkMarchingCubes does not crash. 

Can anyone suggest a means of debugging this, with a Python implementation? 

Best regards, 

Michel Audette, Ph.D.
Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)
Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse 55
Leipzig, Germany
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