[vtkusers] How to convert *.txt file to vtk file? Thanks.

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Mon Jul 24 11:09:11 EDT 2006


I've been putting a whole bunch of code into a public svn repository
try checking out the contents and inside CSCSCommon, you'll find three 
classes vtkCSVReader (base class) and CSVPolyDataReader and 
(see https://svn.cscs.ch/vtkContrib/trunk/vtkCSCS/vtkCSCSCommon/ for 
file list)

if you are able to build these modules, you may be able to use the CSV 
(Comma separated value) readers to handle your data directly without the 
need to convert the files in any way.

If you try this, please let me know if it all works as I'd like to know 
if you are able to build/test etc.


> Hi All,
>   I have many data in a *.txt file. (3D, (x,y,z), irregular). How can 
> vtk read them and draw the visualisation? Or how can I convert them to 
> vtk file? (like *.vtk) Or other method.
>   I google and can't find the method. Could some one help me? Thank 
> you very much!
> Best,
> Jia-Ming
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