[vtkusers] Hotfix helps quell Intellisense while compiling VTK

Andrew J. Dolgert ajd27 at tc.cornell.edu
Mon Jul 17 15:08:23 EDT 2006

I found myself compiling VTK multiple times in multiple ways, and Visual
Studio 2005 stops responding for several minutes while it updates
Intellisense. Visual Studio 2005 has trouble managing Intellisense when
there are many projects with many methods, and VTK qualifies. If you are
having the same trouble, Microsoft has a hotfix 916769 that lowers the
thread priority of Intellisense. They recommend that you wait for the
next service pack, due out Q3 according to
http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/support/servicing/, but I thought I
would pass this along in case someone else felt really frustrated.


- Drew Dolgert


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