[vtkusers] larger points

Dominik Szczerba domi at vision.ee.ethz.ch
Sun Jul 16 14:40:01 EDT 2006

I am sorry, I confused the mailing lists ;)
See the other email for a solution.

Dominik Szczerba wrote:
> I think paraview doesnt support glPointSize... Use glyph filter instead.
> --ds
> Kamran Iranpour wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have used vtkPolyData to make a plot of a point cloud but having a
>> poor eye sight I can hardly see the cloud. Is there any way of telling
>> vtk to use larger points (cells).
>> Thanks in advance
>> Kamran
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Dominik Szczerba, Ph.D.
Computer Vision Lab CH-8092 Zurich

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