[vtkusers] Problem "procedure entry point" in vtkCommon.dll

Pierre pedrico8 at free.fr
Thu Jul 13 08:29:10 EDT 2006

 Hi everyone,

 I've an existing program, using ITK with wxWidgets. I tried to add a VTK pipeline, 
 with wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor. I tested VTK + wxWidgets, and I had no problem.

 When I integrated the previous program with ITK, the compilation
 succeeded, but at the execution I had the folllowing error message :

 "The entry point of the procedure ?GetToleranceMinValue at vtkLocator@@UAENXZ
 cannot be found in the dynamic links library vtkCommon.dll"

 Indeed, there is no vtkLocator in this dll.
 I hope it isn't too obscur, and someone can resolve this linking problem.

 Thanks in advance,

 P.S: I use wxWidgets-2.6.2, InsightToolkit-2.4.0, and VTK-5.0.0.

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