[vtkusers] did any one meet the same problem when installing VTK 5.0.1?

Dongqing Chen dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Mon Jul 10 16:02:50 EDT 2006

Dear All:

    I am planning to install the latest vtk 5.0.1 in my new lab desktop, but I met some problems when configuring it using Cmake 2.4. The configure was stuck some where during the configuration procedure.  Before there was no any problem to install the vtk 5.0.0. Did any one meet the same problem during the installation?

   Thanks a lot.

Best Wishes,
Dongqing Chen
Ph.D Research Assistant
Rm. 07, Paul C. Lutz Hall
Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP) Lab
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Speed School of Engineering
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY. 40292
Email: dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Phone:+1-502-852-2789 (Lab)
            +1-502-852-6130 (Office)
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