[vtkusers] Problem with cooperation VTK, ITK and KWWidgets

Łukasz Tutaj ltutaj at wp.pl
Sat Jul 8 03:03:01 EDT 2006


I'm trying to visualize some medical data using ITK (2.8) + VTK 
(5.0.0-rc1) + KWWidgets. I took MedicalImageViewer example (from 
KWWidgets) and replaced code using vtkXMLImageDataReader with code 
performing reading a volume with ITK (I copied this part from another 
program that works fine). I haven't changed anything else. It compiles 
without errors and warnings but after running the program I get unhalted 
exception in vtkimagemaptowindowlevelcolors.cxx in line 364. Then I 
tried vtkDICOMImageReader and it works fine. I don't know what is wrong. 
I suspect that the problem is with connecting VTK and ITK pipelines and 
their cooperation with KWWidgets (vtkKWRenderWidget ???), because ITK 
and VTK without KWWidgets and also like I said VTK and KWWidgets work 
good. I don't know if this mailing list is proper to ask about help with 
this problem but I really need your help.
Thanks for any help.

Łukasz Tutaj

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