Tr : [vtkusers] Bug with vtkStructuredPoints when alloctaing scalars

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Fri Jul 7 09:16:32 EDT 2006

well, I can say that I'm sure that I'm not running out of memory when I allocate memory, because I 'm doing tests with the same set of Images from wich I constitute the MPR plans and when I close the MPR window I do deallocate the memory allocated before and when I 'm testing I only run VS2005 to edit my project. Using the Window's Tasks Manager, and when the bug happens , I see that the memory is really deallocated after closing the window  but not reallocated after calling AllocateScalars in the next time.
-So why it goes allright for several times and in the tenth or more it crashes and in wicth conditions the allocation is not done?

-to answer to your question the set of the images is equal to : 300Mo
- my PC is a 1Go of RAM and a 3GHz clock processor (Intel P4).

thank you for your help!

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Is it possible that you are running out of memory when you try to 
allocate the scalars? What are the dimensions of the vtkStructuredPoints 
dataset when AllocateScalars() does not allocate memory?

- Amy

Mohamed Ben Reguiga wrote:
> hello,
> thank you for the answer but I still have the same bug!
> is it possible, at least , to know if the Allocation was done or not?
> the allocateScalrs() function is a void return function so how can I 
> be advised if the allocation is ok or not?
> thank you for your help!
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> scalars
> Hi,
> Does it help if you add also:
> data2->SetNumberOfScalarComponents(1);
> gg
> On 7/6/06, *Mohamed Ben Reguiga* < breguiga_mh at 
> <mailto:breguiga_mh at>> wrote:
>     hello all,
>     I 'm using VTK for 3D reconstitution , MPR and MIP (maximum
>     intesity projection).
>     for the constitution of the volume of all the pixmaps of the
>     images I use a vtkStructuredPoints object :
>     data2=vtkStructuredPoints::New();
>     data2->SetDimensions(WdthVlm,HghtVlm,DpthVlm);                   
>     data2->SetSpacing (wdgMPR->xsp, wdgMPR->ysp, wdgMPR->zsp);
>     data2->SetScalarType(VTK_UNSIGNED_SHORT);
>     data2->AllocateScalars();
>     after thar I recover the scalarpointer to fill the volume by the
>     data that i own :
>     unsigned short * ptr2=(unsigned short *) data2->GetScalarPointer();
>       for (cptdcm=0;cptdcm<DpthVlm;cptdcm++)
>       {
>         for(int i=0;i<HghtVlm;i++)
>         {
>             for(int j=0; j<WdthVlm;j++)
>             {
>              *(ptr2++)  =  *(myDataImages++); //myDataImages is a
>     unsigned short pointer of course
>             }
>         }
>       }
>     then I use the vtkStructuredPoints object like an input for the
>     vtkImageMapToColors that I use (3 : 1 for each plane X, Y and Z).
>     every thing goes allright but sometimes something wrong happens
>     and I don't know why :
>     the allocation of the memory is not accomplished when I do :
>     data2->AllocateScalars(); and the value of  unsigned short *
>     ptr2=(unsigned short *) data2->GetScalarPointer() is 0x00000 and I
>     when I chek the system use of the memory : theer is not a memory
>     allocated !!!!!!!
>     could you please help me to know when this function doesn't do
>     allocate memory and is there sthing to do before allocating to
>     prevent from such problems!
>     it's really an emergency!
>     thank you for your help !

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