[vtkusers] 3D Widgets chain and observer

Lazzarato Dr. Gianni lazzadrgi at libero.it
Wed Jul 5 16:56:00 EDT 2006

Hi  to All vtkUsers,



My pipeline is :                    data... > class A  >  class B >  class C
>..renderer1 in window 1 



class D



renderer2 in window 2



class D is a derived widget class containing istances of 3 different
vtkwidgets sharing the same interactor.

I can manage very well the widgets events in class D using the usual command
observer pattern and the update is correct as expected but the problem is: I
cannot pass these observed events back to the pipeline and Update the class

I only obtain the execution of the pipeline once, launching the application;
the interaction events are passed only to window 2 and not back to update
the window1.

where is the truble? Should I use a chain of observers? Is there an example
in the testing-example vtk documentation even if I searched hard and did not
find the proper example...

I found:   /widget/Testing/Cxx/TestImageTracerWidged.cc ,but there, is used
only one 3dwidget per renderer and the observers are in main pipeline.

I'm using vtk5 last cvs.



I hope my explanation was clear enougth .


I will appreciate all the suggestions.


Dr. Gianni Lazzarato









































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