[vtkusers] Including VTK disclaimer in production software

Russell Hind rh_gmane at mac.com
Tue Jul 4 05:38:04 EDT 2006

We ship pre-compiled binaries of our software which is linked against 
the DLLs of VTK 5.0.  Therefore we do ship the VTK DLLs, but not the 
headers and such, so it isn't directly usable by anyone else.

Does this could as re-distributable in binary from?  We aren't labelling 
it as VTK in any way, but as our own product.

The real question I'm trying to find the answer to is do we need to 
include the VTK copyright notice and disclaimer in our software's about box?

I don't think it is clear what is meant by redistribution in binary 
form.  We are shipping pre-built dlls, but only as part of our product 
and not as a distribution of VTK itself.



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