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David Gobbi dgobbi at atamai.com
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Hi Randall,
 The python interface is very mature, it has been continually maintained and improved for over eight years.  Also, it's worth noting that many GUI toolkits such as Tk, Qt, KWWidgets and wxWidgets can all be used with VTK via python.
 The Parallel directory is wrapped, so all the Parallel classes are available python, and there are even several python nightly tests that run in the Parallel directory.  However some VTK classes define methods that can't be wrapped because they use arguments types that have no python equivalents, so it isn't guaranteed that every bit of functionality will be available.
  - David
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I'm currently trying to teach myself Python, and I know VTK has a Python Interface.. How "mature" is it?  Paraview 3.0 is Python right? SO I assume it's pretty much "fully featured".

Also, is MPI support & such available in the Python interface? 

Randall Hand
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