[vtkusers] Reconstruction of partial 3D surface for a point cloud obtained by a 3D scanner from a single pose

Cem DEMiRKIR cdemirkir at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 11:09:13 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,
    As a new user of VTK, I'd like to solve the following problem using VTK
built-in methods.
I've a point cloud obtained by scanning an object from a single view using a
3D Scanner. Therefore the surface represented by the point cloud is not
complete and represent the the portion of the object that is seen by the
scanner. I'd like to triangulate this point cloud and reconstruct
corresponding surface of this non-complete point cloud. What can be the best
approach to solve this problem using VTK functions and structures and is
there any example for this problem ?
    Cem DEMiRKIR
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