[vtkusers] help with vtkLookupTable

Luca Pamparana deluded.soul at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 19:43:08 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble building a look up table that I want to pass a grayscale
image through.

What I want to do is map the pixels to a single color (like red for example)
and the pixels should take various "shades" of the color based on their
intensities. Also, I guess it is possible to build a table with multiple
colors. I played around with the various HSV values but am having trouble
understanding how to control these values and exactly what they do with the
color table.

Can someone provide me with some explanation and maybe a small example of
how to build such a table for example with color red... I am having trouble
understanding this HSV color scheme. Is there an RGB equivalant of the vtk

I know this might be a very newbie question but I am trying to teach myself
and do not have access to professors or anything and would love some
guidance here.


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