[vtkusers] Cmake and VTK-Qt on Windows

Richard Haney cosmoh2o at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 25 07:18:15 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I am new at VTK and Qt so I have a few "newbie" questions I hope someone can 
answer. I am using VTK-5.0.1 and Qt4.1.4 (open source for Windows), I do not 
have Visual C++ so I am using the Qt4.1.4 executable with minGW installer 
from Trolltech; my OS is Windows XP.

I can get the Qt installed and run the demos fine. Howver, I am not so sure 
about VTK.  When I try to use CMake2.4.3 to build for minGW, CMake can't 
find some debug library files (even after I run the "build Qt Libraries" 
command).  Is this a problem for using VTK and Qt?

Does anyone have an exact set of configuration/flag settings for Cmake 
(version 2.4.3) to build makeFiles for VTK5.0.1 (for MinGW)?  I want to make 
sure I build VTK correctly to use Qt4.1.4.

Thanks in advance for any help/hints.

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