[vtkusers] Writing TIFF images

Dr. Carsten Bellon Carsten.Bellon at bam.de
Fri Aug 25 03:19:31 EDT 2006

I'm using vtkTIFFWriter for a long time to store my calculation results 
(8bit grayscale). But by migrating to Vtk 5.0.x I lost the Windows 
compatibility. That means there is no preview for VTK5-TIFFs in the 
Windows Explorer and MS Office, PaintShopPro, .., are not able to read them.

I recognized some differences in Vtk4 and Vtk5 TIFFs: header is at the 
end now, multiple strips now. But what are the key features in wider 

How to get compatible TIFFs with Vtk5?
Thanks for any hints.

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