[vtkusers] CPack CMake and XCode to make an program installer on OS X? How?

Gaetan Lehmann gaetan.lehmann at jouy.inra.fr
Wed Aug 23 08:14:31 EDT 2006

Hi Dan,

I have used cpack to package WrapITK on mac os x, and it was incredibly  
Here are the only changes needed:


All what you have to to is to install the files with cmake. They will be  
cpacked when you will run "make package". There is no need to use xcode  
gui or xcode-build.

That being said, I let to the user the task to properly set his PYTHONPATH  
and DYDL_LIBRARY_PATH, and there is no program to run in WrapITK - that's  
only a python lib -, so you may need a more complex cpack config.


On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 13:52:15 +0200, Dan White <dan at chalkie.org.uk> wrote:

> Hi All OSX CMakers (Sean McBride in particular???)
> I see from the CMake Wiki there is a new packaging feature in
> CMake called CPack which on OSX needs Xcode.
> I have been searching for information on how to use this, but all I  
> really found was
> the CMake Wiki, which doesnt give enough basic instructions for me to  
> understand how to use it,
> or understand what is going on.
> We have been trying to package our VTK/Python application
> BioImageXD
> http://www.bioimagexd.org
> on OSX using py2app, but without success as we need to teach py2app
> some new tricks about how to understand VTK python wrappings and
> some things about install names of .dylbs.
> I wonder what I need to do to be able to use
> CPack to make an OSX installer for BioImageXD?
> Does anyone have any experience doing that for a python program using  
> python wrapped VTK?
> Does CPack use Xcode to make an normal OS X installer package (.mpkg?)
> Also do I need to get my VTK build going in XCode?
> If so any basic instructions to do that? Where does CMake come into that  
> process?
> Any help gratefully received!
> cheers
> Dan
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