[vtkusers] re:How can I modify an vtkImageData manually?

Yixun Liu yxliu at fudan.edu.cn
Tue Aug 22 22:59:44 EDT 2006


The reason maybe that you use a wrong data type.

Call reader->Update() then use reader->GetOutput()->GetScalarType() to get the correct data type. Then, assuming short*,
short *f = reader->GetOutput()->GetScalarPointer();
Then, in the loop use f[j] +=100 instead of f[j] += 10 you can see a notable change.

for(int k=0;k<360;k++){


  ren1->GetActiveCamera()->Azimuth( 1 );
     for(int j=0;j<dims[0]*dims[1]*dims[2];j++){



Yixun Liu
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