[vtkusers] Rendering a VTKImageViewer in multiple QVTKWidgets

Tomás Aguado Gómez taguado at gsyc.escet.urjc.es
Mon Aug 21 14:16:18 EDT 2006

Another newbie question:
I am developing an application which uses QT with VTK embedded windows.

I want to render the same information in two QVTKWidgets, (one bigger  
and the other smaller). The bigger one will be associated with  
multiple little widgets, but only one each time, that is the little  
widget which is associated with the big one changes frecuently. I  
tried pointer assigment, and setting the renderwindow of the big  
widget as the renderwidow of the little one(in this case the bigger  
widget rendered nothing). I have thought in complicated solutions but  
I am sure that there is an easy one, but I am still a vtk-newbie.

Thanks All, and thanks again for all the help I get from this list.

Tomás Aguado Gómez
Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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