[vtkusers] Unresolved OpenGL symbols while linking with MS VisualStudio (was: (no subject))

Obada Mahdi omahdi at gmx.de
Sat Aug 19 15:53:18 EDT 2006

Hi Zhouping,

those look exclusively like symbols from OpenGL:

zwei at imaging.robarts.ca wrote:
> I have a problem with the compilation of my application in
> release mode, the libraries vtk are compiled successfully in release
> mode. I've already included followings:
> vtkCommon.lib vtkRendering.lib vtkGraphics.lib vtkFiltering.lib
> vtkHybrid.lib vtkImaging.lib vtkIO.lib
> through Project >> Settings >> Link >> Category >> (Drop down)
> Input >> Object/library modules
> the errors are the followings:
> ///////////////////////////////////
> Linking...
> vtkRendering.lib(vtkOpenGLTexture.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved
> external symbol __imp__glDeleteTextures at 8

Try adding "opengl32.lib" -- it is not part of VTK, but a system library 
parts of VTK depend on.  If you do not have CMake build the project 
files for you, but want to know about VTK's library dependencies, have a 
look at the file "lib/vtk-<VERSION>/VTKLibraryDepends.cmake" (relative 
to your VTK installation directory).



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