[vtkusers] New reader for VTK - vtkMINCImageReader

David Gobbi dgobbi at atamai.com
Fri Aug 18 14:32:03 EDT 2006

Sean McBride wrote:
> On 2006-08-17 18:06, David Gobbi said:
>>> Is it based on MINC 1.4 or 2.0?
>>> Did you collaborate with Leila Baghdadi on this?  Or is this a different
>>> codebase?
>> This one is brand new code, based on MINC 1.x, and it cannot read MINC 
>> 2.x files.
>> It actually uses the netcdf libraries directly rather than using the 
>> minc libraries.  I didn't really have any desire to convert the minc 
>> library to CMake, or to try to convince Kitware to incorporate the minc 
>> library into Utilities.
>> Since VTK already includes netcdf, it seemed much easier to write a 
>> reader that uses netcdf directly.
> I see, that makes good sense.  I look forward to trying it out once I
> get a chance!  Are there any features missing or unfortunate compromises/
> omissions due to dropping down to the netcdf level?
The only compromise is that my vtkMINCImageReader doesn't have all the 
data conversion functions that MINC has.  This means there are two 

1) The data type (byte, short, float) of the vtkMINCReader's output is 
always the same as in the file.  You can't do a data conversion while 
reading the file.

2) The dimensions are always reordered so that the MINC 
x[space/frequency] dimensions becomes the VTK x dimension, and similarly 
for y and z.  You can't choose an arbitrary dimension reordering.

These are issues that I might address in the future.

 - David Gobbi

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