[vtkusers] How to recover the displayied image from vtkCamera

Mohamed Ben Reguiga breguiga_mh at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 16 05:55:54 EDT 2006

I'm using vtk in a image process project and now I'm developping a 3D module but I don't use the VTKViewer because of problems occured from using OpenGL drivers of some Matrox graphic-cards.
that's why I recover the buffers of the images treated using VTK and  after that I display them on an other viwer (Irrlicht Device).

I constituted the volume using vtkStructredPointReader and I've used it for the Multiplanar reconstituion and the MaximumItensityProjection (it's OK) and now I want to know if it's possible to recover the image momently displayied on a vtkRenderWindow when I change the camera position or its FocalPoint to reconstitute a 3D effect using the image thus recovered?

thank you for your help!

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