[vtkusers] cell visualization -> two triangles

Martin Baumann mailsgetlost at web.de
Wed Aug 16 05:10:41 EDT 2006


given a cell constisting of the following points:

P1 (0 / 0)
P2 (1 / 0)
P3 (1 / 1)
P4 (0 / 1)

A cell that is created by using this order works fine.
But when I create a cell by using this order

P1, P3, P2, P4

This visualization does not show what I would expect.
I think the latter cell should look like two triangles that
contact each other:

|\  /|
| \/ |
| /\ |
|/  \|

But instead something is rendered that looks like a bounding box
of the cell that I would expect.
Is there a way to get a visualization that shows the two triangles?

Regards, M.B.

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