[vtkusers] Visual Studio 2003 not expanding vtkSet/Get macros

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Tue Aug 15 08:48:36 EDT 2006

VS 7.1 doesn't put methods/properties that are implemented using #define 
macros into the Intellisense list -- annoying, I know. If you upgrade to 
VS 8, though, Microsoft has fixed that and those methods do appear in 
the list...

Mattia "Raibaz" Tommasone wrote:

> David Cole ha scritto:
>> SetResolution should have an upper case "S" 
> Whops, my fault...anyway, i still can't figure out why VS.NET doesn't 
> put SetResolution and similar methods among the member methods when i 
> type ->...
> Thanks anyway for the help :)
> Mattia Tommasone
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