[vtkusers] Please help! vtkActor::Render( )

scsrsao at leeds.ac.uk scsrsao at leeds.ac.uk
Fri Aug 11 05:13:40 EDT 2006

Hi Louis,

 I'm no an expert at all, but what I have done when I want to add or remove
actors from a scene is simply that, use the add and remove methods from the
renderer and render the scene again... somthing like this

lets assume i have two actors a renderer and a render window

initially you could do something like

now, if you want the image without the first actor, just do

if you want it again in the image, just add it again

hope it helps,

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> Hi VTK Experts,
> I had put a post regarding this before but didnt get any response, I was
> probably unclear in my question.
> I was just wondering if anyone has tried using the function
> vtkActor::Render( Renderer *, Mapper *) to render actors in a scene? I need
> to use some OpenGL and GLUT commands and I need to be able to render the vtk
> actor's at a particular time/state.
> The standard way of adding actors to a renderer, renderer to a renderwindow,
> causes the actors to be rendered whenever VTK wants. However I need more
> control over when the actors are rendered. Hence I need to be able to use
> this function.
> I did something like this in my code:
> // Ren1 contains no actors
> RenWin->AddRenderer( Ren1 );
> RenWin->Render();
> Actor->Render();
> This however just causes a blank screen to be rendered. What am I doing
> wrong? Or is it just not possible to have more immediate control over when
> the actor's are rendered...?
> If anyone can give me any suggestions this would really help a lot!!! BTW I
> also tried adding a RenderWindow::Frame() command after calling
> RenderWindow::Render(). This however resulted in a strange looking image..
> Thanks again in advance for your help!!!!
> LD
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