[vtkusers] Re:How to generate a reference vector in velocity field?

huangliao huangl.zju at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 21:38:54 EDT 2006

I tried to use vtkGlyphSouce2D and vtkActor2D.
It is almost ok, but the problem is that the arrow(refenerce vector) can't
be scaled when zooming in and out.
Laster, I tried to use vtkGlyphSource2D and vtkActor.
The arrow can be scaled properly, but it can be rotated too.
What i need is a arrow which can be scaled, but cann't rotated.
   -->  scaled   ------>, or ->
   -->  rotated   -->,


>Hello Everyone,
>I am visualizing a velocity field.
>And I wanna put a reference vector at the right-up corner.
>The reference vector has fixed direction, like --->. That is to say it
can't be rotated.
>But it need Scale properly when zooming in/out.
>How can i realize it?
>Does it feasible in VTK?
>Thanks a lot.
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