[vtkusers] Zooming and adjusting ImageViewer

Shang Mu smu.email at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 12:32:23 EDT 2006

You can use vtkImageViewer::GetImageMapper() and 
I don't know if there's another way though.

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> Dear All:
> I use the following pipeline:
> vtkImageData---->vtkImageMapToColors--->vtkImageViewer-->QVTKWidget
> (The imageMaptoColors uses its own lookuptable)
> Is there any method such as "Adjust Size" which scalates the size of  the 
> image to fit in the center of the ImageViewer or the QVTKWidget?
> How can zoom in and out the imageviewer?
> Soon I will send a QT-vtk application which shows the basic use of  VTK in 
> phase unwrapping algorithms.
> Thanks all.
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