[vtkusers] How are the correct aproach to construct a simple slicer?

Wagner Sales wsalles2003 at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 7 17:02:56 EDT 2006

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Hi all,

I'm constructing a slicer thats needs:
1 - Change the current slice on a volume,
2 - The volume needs to be interpolated before this,
3 - I need to change window and level,
4 - I want to use vtkImageActor to show the image.

Well, I was taked a look in documentation, code from
vtkImagePlaneWidget, examples, and so on. But I'm very confused! On
the examples, I was tried just to change SetDisplayExtent(). But I
wasn't understated very well how this method's works. The solution I
needs are:

1 - Load the volume data ( for example, vtkDICOMImageReader );
2 - Interpolate;
3 - Extract/Set the slice to view( which will be 0-n, where n are the
last slice, then I needs to know the last slice number );
4 - Display the slice with the actor. After that I can control camera
and other things.

The vtkImagePlaneWidget code are a little bit complicated because
needs a lot of more features, and I think that's are a relative simple
task to do with vtk, but I just don't know the correct approach, since
are various classes to perform evolved in examples (
vtkImagePlaneWidget uses texture, vtkPlaneSource, vtkImageReslice and
so on. The example Medical3 uses vtkImageActor ). I was tryed to play
with the SetDisplayExtents, the slice was changed, but I wasn't
understood the correct rules.

Someone can help me how are the correct approach to perform this task
or an example?

After that I'll try to write a little tutorial about that. Probably,
I'm not the only one to solve this problem.

Thnks in advance,

Wagner Sales

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