[vtkusers] Creating Color Image from VTKFloatArray

Tomás Aguado Gómez taguado at gsyc.escet.urjc.es
Mon Aug 7 06:40:36 EDT 2006


I am trying to display a color Image using the following pipeline:


With this pipeline the image is correct but grayscale. I have tried a  
lookupTable attached to the vtkFloatArray. But a corrupt image shows  
up (grayscale too), maybe because I can't call the method  
SerScalarRange as i don't have a mapper in the pipeline (only a  
ImageMapper which doesn't have that method).

Any Ideas? Any Examples from creating a color image from a float  
Array? I just want to assign a color related to that value (the inly  
important thing is that each value has a differten colour assigned,  
as it is a gradient image, the value of the color is not important)


Tomás Aguado Gómez
Grupo de sistemas y comunicaciones
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


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