[vtkusers] VTKMPI

Hanan Hassanein hanan.hassanein at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 04:22:54 EDT 2006

Dear vtkexperts,

Please if anyone used VTKMPI functions, i want to divide the vtk rendering
pipeline between 2 processes, like this:

1. process 0, create the actor & sends it to process 1
2. process 1 create the renderer & the renderer window

i am facing a problem in sending the vtkActor object, i tried the follwoing

in process 0:
worldComm->Send (/*vtkDataObject * */ (vtkDataObject*)

in process 1:
worldComm->Receive(/*vtkDataObject * */ (vtkDataObject*)

where asphere & myasphere are local vtkActor objects....

help pleaseeee asap

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